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Aristo Luxe Home

At Shankus Realty & Aristo Lifespaces, we strive to provide you with the lifestyle you deserve. Our homes' most excellent layouts help you bridge the gap between comfort and luxury. We provide homes that are actually made for you, along with the greatest facilities and services.

You will not have to make any compromises because you will be living at Aristo Lifespaces Residences, a luxury apartment designed to merge architectural splendour and a quiet atmosphere into a modern and calming experience to escape the daily, stressful existence.

This idea is designed to offer you a lift that will take you directly to the flats. A fantastic 360-degree view from the balcony, even from the living area, and an extra opulent living experience.

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Aristo Lifespaces Experience Center

Experience It For Real

Experience the real-scale walkthrough technology, owned by Shankus Realty & Aristo Lifespaces, which has transformed how audiences see architectural design and construction. 

Project and walk through your home plan which will give you the vibe of your home. This will give you the assurance that your project will be the size, layout, flow, and functionality you had in min


Double Heighted Living Area



Centralized AC



Private lift



Private Foyer



Terrace office



Centralized AC



15 feet Showroom Height



13 feet Office Height




Double Heighted Living Area



Centralized AC



Private lift



Private Foyer



Terrace office



Centralized AC



13 feet Showroom Height



15 feet Office Height



Choose Your Luxury

Plan Type- A

5103 sqft.



Plan Type- B

4455 sqft.



Plan Type- C

3294 sqft.



An Unforgettable Living Experience

Personal Lift

Privacy is a concern for many. Keeping that in mind, with the advancement of technology, we have built a separate elevator that leads straight into your living area.

Swimming pool

One of the most alluring apartment features you can add is a home with a Swimming pool. This way, children can spend more time and they will not have to go outdoors.

Gyms & Gardens

These features are designed to improve the comfort and aesthetics of the living space. Gardens in an apartment are a necessity for kids, adults or old age people.

Guest Parking with Valet service

Residents in urban areas who are more likely to own vehicles and those who live in neighbourhoods with restricted parking are more likely to value a service like reserved parking.

Dormitory service for Guest drivers

Dormitory service for Guest drivers is the best amenity an apartment can offer to Residents. It includes what a guest requires.

A 360-degree view from the balcony

Balcony is indeed the best thing to have in your home and a balcony with a 360-Degree view is just amazing. You won’t miss out on anything across the building.

What Home Owners Says

We turn ideas into works of art

Just beyond the hustling crowd, where the soul finds inner peace and comfort.


Not only are they well-known in the construction sector by name, but also for the job they have been performing for years. Quality is never neglected here. Your desires and dreams are brought to life. If you don't believe me, go to their construction sites and see for yourself. Keep up the excellent work, guys.

Mr.Nitesh Pandya

Home Owner
"From design to actual construction, Aristo Lifespaces has carried themselves with the highest professionalism and offered every courtesy possible to my family." They made their recommendations with our best interests in mind. You will receive the greatest luxury house planning. We wish them the best of luck in their future ventures.

Mr.Rajveer Patel

Home Owner
This realtor's ideas are usually fresh and luxurious. This ensures that everything runs smoothly. Fantastic job by a great team that appreciates customers and works by offering good services that delight clientele. Polite and quick to respond. My experience with Aristo Lifespace has been remarkable. I will always recommend them for better house planning. Definitely recommendable.

Mr.Bharat Sakhiya

Home Owner


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    Aristo Life space Experience Center

    A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul,
    like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my
    whole heart.A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my
    entire soul, like these sweet
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